Absentee Voting is available – read more about it below


Elections are still happening on April 7th, 2020, Gov. Evers is encouraging voters to vote via Absentee Ballot.  The residents of the Town of Ixonia have three (3) ways to do this.

Option #1 – Apply on-line at www.myvote.wi.gov and complete the form for an Absentee Ballot.  You MUST submit a copy of your Driver License or Passport along with this application.  Or, you can send a written letter with a copy of your Driver License requesting an absentee ballot be sent for the April 7th Election.  Either of these methods must be done by 5:00 on April 2nd.

Option #2 – The Town Hall was the former Ixonia Bank and we kept the Walk-Up window which is being used for In-House absentee voting.  Voters may enter the main town hall door and follow the crowd control lines, voters will then proceed one at a time to the walk up window.  Election Workers will assist the voter in receiving their ballot.  Voters may use the Xpress Vote voting machine or the traditional paper ballot.  This is a safe way to allow voting and still keep the voter and Election Works safe by having glass between them as they vote.  All pens, booths, glue sticks, etc. are sanitized after each use.

Option #3 – Because the Town Hall was a former bank, we still have the Drive-Up window and we are able to use it for voting.  Voters may enter the drive-thru window using the Highway F driveway and proceed to the window.  Election Workers will ask the voter to put their car in park, turn off the car (so we can hear better) and then the process of voting.  Voters will be asked to state their name & address, provide photo ID and then a ballot and absentee envelope will be passed out to them thru the drive thru drawer.  This method helps keep the 6’ distance as well as having a heavy piece of glass between the voter and Election Inspector

Voting Hours are as follows:

Wednesday, March 25th          7:30 – 4:30

Thursday, March 26th              7:30 – 4:30

Friday, March 27th                    7:30 – 12:30

Monday, March 30th                 7:30 – 4:30

Tuesday, March 31st                 7:30 – 4:30

Wednesday, April 1st                7:30 – 4:30

Thursday, April 2nd                   7:30 – 5:00

Friday, April 3rd                         7:30 – 5:00

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Town Hall at 920-261-1588.